Rise in Animal Cruelty

on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Animal Abuse, Rise in Animal Cruelty

Cruelty to animals is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense. More narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for food or fur use. Diverging viewpoints are held by jurisdictions throughout the world.

What do you think about the upcoming rise in animal cruelty? What do you think we should do about it? Is it wrong to test products or makeup on animals?

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruelty_to_animals

  • Sheashea

    *1 month old, not 3

  • Sheashea

    it is wrong and horrible to abuse animals. God made everything on this earth, and he trusted us to respect it. Animals are a part of this earth too! They have just as much right to live here as we do, and it is sickening and horrible to see these poor animals hurt.
          My dog was once abused. My neighbor works for an animal rescue team, and he and his team went down to New Mexico. A lot of people in New Mexico just throw their animals under a bridge, (not kidding!) just because they’re sick of it or they think they just cant take care of it anymore. She was probally only about one month old when they did that, because when we got her she was 3 months old. Can you imagine someone just throwing a 3 month-old puppy under a bride, and leave it there to die!?
          People think it is funny to test animals, or just plain abuse/hurt them. Well, NewsFlash people: IT’S NOT. How would you like it if you were those animals? How would you like it if someone did the EXACT same thing you were doing to your animals to you?
          I know probally about half of you wont even get to the end of my post, because you got bored, or thought it was to long, but for those people that actually cared enough about those poor, helpless, innocent animals, you will be reading this last part right now, agreeing with the rest of my post. If you are one of those people who care enough for those animals, then tell you friends to stop animals abuse. Start and “Anti-Animal-Abuse Club”. Show your support to these animals.

  • Annaliese

    look it gave me a good idea but i think more matter should be there

  • Delia28

    It is never necessary to test make up and cleaning products on animals.  They do not use these products so why should these products be tested on them.  I am sure there are plenty
    of people willing to test them I would.

  • Mdog

    how cute!!! how could you hurt that little bunny?!?!?!


    loving animals is the best work in the world.India was know for its kindness towards all but now a days everybody is becoming cruel. how we are forgetting that animals are also like us they have equal right to live on the earth. they show kindness to all the humans but human have no respect to the animals.             SAVE ANIMALS SAVE HUMANITY. ANIMALS CAN’T THINK BUT WE CAN .  COME FORWARD SAVE ANIMALS [A PART OF WORLD] 

  • Dermottodonnell

    animals have no voice but have rights

  • linni

    Of course it is wrong to test make up or other human products on our  little fury friends!
    I just don’t understand hpw people can kick innocent dogs on the footpaths. And I am talkin from experience! I have seen so many people kick and chase after dogs on the roads and it just makes me feel so sad to see them run for their poor lives. But no more.!!!!!!!!! we will NOT take anymore of this!!!
    it is time to take charge.!!!

  • Nicholemcenrue

    guys its me Nichole again and hurry we need to raise money to stop this  

  • Nicholemcenrue

    i have to do a report thanks guys i need it.

  • Nicholemcenrue

    Its not fair everybody and every animal has rights my little sister is 3 and i am 12 and we see how bad its growing and how bad its gonna get. WE NEED DO every thing we can !!! :( :) we need to raise our voice. lets do enything and everything we can…. there small but visious and will be as long as it keeps happing


  • DHC the hoop

    I could argue on this subject all day and night

  • DHC the Hoop

    I get super heated when i see animals get abused and even killed by careless people especially when its just done for fun. Why inflict just horrible pain and suffering on a defensless animal? that makes no sense just like how people beat there kids. It all falls under the same curumstances and it sickens me to see it happen.

  • Kristen

    *nearing to extinaction

  • Kristen

    People who abuse animals are just seriously sickening and disgusting. Just a week ago, I was reading an article about this Chinese woman who stepped and crushed this poor kitten with her high heels until it died (…and she had this huge smile on her face while doing it!). I think it’s outrageous and people should really get arrested for such unreasonable acts. From my own knowledge, I know that in rural countries, people kill rhinos for medicine purposes but scientists have already proved that the “medicine” doesn’t cure any disease at all – it’s totally useless! However, because of them, rhinos are becoming extinct for no reason! It’s utterly sad! I love animals so I try to help out at the SPCA whenever I can (:

  • http://yahoo bella

    i agree with all of you i have to do a report on how animal cruelty is wrong and your guyses upinions are a great example

  • Krissssss(:

    Animal cruelty isn’t fair! Poor animals!

  • http://myspace.com Nicholeeee :)

    If You Was An Animal , You Wouldnt Want To Be Abused , !! Its Wrong !

  • bethany

    I dont think animal cruelty is fair we wouldnt like having make up tested on us so why should it be fair for animals? we shouldnt test on animals for un required stuff like make up i think it should only be tested on animals if it will help out. like a new cure for a cancer or somethink like that because that could save lives unlike makup. i also think animal cruelty shouldnt happen either. we take advantage of animals and we shouldnt what have they ever done today.

  • greene.(:

    i think that animal cruelty is disgusting.
    its wrong 100% hurting an animal is like
    the same thing as abusing a child.

    how would you like it if someone
    came around and kicked you right whereever.

    animals have feelings too.. geez.

  • Tanya

    I think it is completle wrong. I and MacKenzie both have the same views. I refuse to use/buy anything that is tested on animals, etc. I think animal cruelty is one of the worst things ever. most can’t protect themselves and that’s just wrong. How would someone like it if some giant came and did a bunch of tests on you with drugs they’ve just made up, or products they just made up. or if they shaves your head to use for like a blanket or somethin. Or if they tourtered you to death just because they feel like it’s right. or if they kill you cause they think you insignifigant and you dont care and cause you cant do anything about it. That’s right, put yourself in the animals shoes. They’re scared, and have no idea what is going on. and they just get so dang hurt in the end. pure evil, stupidity and wrongness.

  • http://lindsey lindsey lara

    Animal cruelty is the worst! People hurt innocent animals that cant defend them selves! No make up or any product should be tested on amimals! Its wrong no matter what way we see it! We all need to get together so we can stop all this crap they do to animals!

  • Ash

    Its Terrible!

  • baileyyyy(:

    look at the cute bunny!
    i thnk animal cruelty is wrong.
    i support the humane society, and aspca.
    i cry @ the cruelty commercials, ALWAYS.
    its so sad.

  • MacKenzie. (:

    - I’m not trying to be rude or anything but all you guys that are saying how wrong it is what are you doing about it? Yes, it is infact wrong. But you support it by buying from companies that test on animals. I don’t buy anything that has been testing on animals, that is my way of NOT supporting this wrong testing. Want to join me?
    Heres a website that shows what companies do & don’t test.
    Use it, save lives. vvv

  • http://www.myspace.com/heynumnums r e g a n ;)

    - I THINK animal cruelty is wrong ! I think animals shouldnt be tested on or abused ! I think people who abuse animals are the WORST I think there ignorant I think they dont have any respect for anybody or anything ! I also think there cowards for hurting something as defensless as an animal ! I beleive they will get a consiquence by the goverment or anybody else digusted by animal abuse and if not me or the goverment by GOD !

  • http://www.dirtydebate.com Admin

    It is wrong.